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Anxiety and Depression

These days it seems that everyone and their dog has anxiety and/or depression. What are these things and why are they so common?

Well, anxiety and depression can be considered 2 sides of the same coin. People who experience one, often end up experiencing the other to some extent.


Anxiety happens when our system gets overwhelmed and can feel like not being able to slow down our thoughts, always feeling rushed, fearing that the worst-case scenario is going to happen, feeling your heart race. When it gets really bad some people can even experience panic attacks which can be described as feeling as if I am having a heart attack like I can’t catch my breath like everything is caving in on me, like I am drowning.

Wow, I started to feel the tension in my shoulders just typing that out! Thankfully there are many ways to manage these experiences. If any of this sounds familiar, we can work on it together and find tools that can help you feel in control of your anxiety instead of the other way around.


Where anxiety is like an excess of energy in our minds and bodies, depression is basically the opposite. Things feel hopeless, we don’t want to move, we have no energy or motivation and it can get so bad that we don’t even feel like living anymore. This is often accompanied by feelings of guilt or shame that we are not doing what we “should” be doing or that we “should” be feeling better.

Whatever you are experiencing please hear me when I say that you are not alone, you matter, and best of all - it CAN get better.

If you are having thoughts of suicide please reach out to one of THESE resources for immediate assistance.

Relevant Experience

In my personal life, I have been closely touched by loved ones experiencing depression and anxiety. I have also worked with many clients over the past 5 years who have various levels of depression and anxiety from mild to severe. My background in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy tools has proven helpful for many people in managing symptoms. I am also beginning training in Somatic Experiencing which has proven helpful for clients who experience both anxiety and depression.

Relevant Training

2016- Narrative Approaches in Therapy

2016 - Mental Health First Aid

2016 - Walking Through Grief Workshop

2014 – Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training 

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