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What are boundaries and why are they important?

We have many kinds of boundaries in our world. We are all familiar with the clear boundaries of something like a country border, the fence around a yard, or the laws of the area we live in. We generally know what will happen if we cross that boundary or what steps we have to follow to cross it. Things get a lot more complicated when we move beyond the physical boundaries and into interpersonal, emotional, professional, sexual, or other personal boundaries. All of these boundaries are important because they help keep everyone safe. Knowing how to both communicate your own boundaries and respect the boundaries of others helps everyone feel respected and safe in their environment.

Relevant Experience

While I was a youth worker I often helped youth learn appropriate behaviours in various areas of their lives, I also had to maintain the house rules including following through with consequences when those rules were not respected. Then during my practicum, I worked entirely with youth who had crossed a boundary whether through physical or sexual violence. Beyond that, I have worked with both adults and youth who recognize that they need to learn to set limits with others or improve their ability to respect others' boundaries.

Relevant Training

2019 - Working with Child and Youth with Sexually Intrusive Behaviours

2017 - Restorative Justice Facilitator Training 

2017 - Community Justice Forum Facilitator Training

2016 - Red Cross RespectED Integrated Training

2016 - Difficult Conversations Workshop

2014 - Youth Forensic Psychiatric Services Forum on Sexual Violence

2012 - Fundamentals of Youth Probation

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